The NEW Fruit Juice Guidelines for Babies.

What do you think are the easiest foods that could be fed to our babies when we go out? Ummm, Breast Milk/ Formula feed, Banana, cerelac (anything of this kind), Fruit juices are a few. This article is for all those mommies who consider fruit juices to be safe for their babies. The American Academy […]

Tips for safe Holi with Kids

Holi is the festival of colors and of course a fun filled feast. I hope your holi preparations are on the go to make it more fun and special, but make sure you follow a few safety measures if you have kids in your house. Here are a few tips for safe holi with kids. […]

How to Encourage Good Behaviour in Toddlers

Kids from the age 1 to 3 years are called toddlers, at this age it is very important to help your child understand what good behaviour is. Encouraging good behaviour in your toddler will help build their confidence. This an be done in different ways and here are a few. 1. Appreciate: It is important […]

DIY Baby Footprint Keepsake

What do you think is the best gift for new parents? A baby KEEPSAKE. Yes, what’s sweeter than gifting them the keepsake of their baby’s footprint or handprint? Here is one of the low cost and easiest DIY Baby footprint keepsakes I would like to share with you. All that you need: 1. Disposable thermocol […]

Expressing Breast Milk

Most of us know the importance of Breast Milk and prefer breastfeeding our babies, but does that mean only a mom should feed her baby? No!! If you are making enough breast milk, anyone else at home can feed your baby. How? You can do it by expressing breast milk into a bottle. If you […]

Baby Milestones – 7 to 12 months.

It is always a great feeling for parents to see their babies develop new skills. We have seen the baby’s milestones – 1 to 6 months; in this article let us see the baby milestones – 7 to 12 months. From 7th month your baby is tend to develop many more skills. Unlike the first […]

Cyal/Fried Idly recipe for toddlers and kids.

Here is one of the easiest and simplest recipes that can be prepared at home. To be mentioned, this is my son’s favorite dish. It is called “Cyal/ Fried Idli”. In fact even elders would love this recipe. It hardly takes 5 minutes to prepare this YUMMY recipe. Let us start the process of Cyal/Fried […]

Baby Milestones – 1 to 6 months

Every Parent eagerly waits to see their baby’s development, may it be his first smile, First roll over or lifting his head for the first time. Every month you get to see new developments in your baby and in this article I would like to mention the Baby Milestones – 1 to 6 months. Here goes […]

Are you using the right cookware for cooking baby’s food?

We all agree with the fact that homemade foods are “the Best” for babies when compared to commercial foods. When preparing homemade food, we take proper care and choose healthy food for our babies. But did you ever think about the utensils/cookware that we use for cooking baby food at home? Yes!! There are certain […]

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