12 Foods that boost breast milk supply.

Elders keep telling new moms that certain foods can improve the production of breast milk. I would not say this is a myth as to a certain extent this is also true. Before going to the list of foods, always remember that breastfeeding your baby increases the production of breast milk naturally. The more the baby sucks, the more the production. There are a few moms whose breast milk supply is a little less, so they can try the foods mentioned below to increase breast milk production.

  1. Kheema:

This is for the Non Vegetarians. Kheema is said to be improving the breast milk production and is my granny’s favorite & most advised food for boosting breast milk.


  1. Garlic:

One of the oldest believes of improving breast milk supply is through taking garlic. Garlic must not be taken excessively if the baby is having issues with it (because of the flavor). A few babies take more breast milk when moms take garlic. So you can plan accordingly and feed your baby.

My mom used to prepare Spicy Garlic Powder for me. Eating it with rice and ghee gives good flavor.


  1. Bread:

Bread is said to be increasing the breast milk supply. But more intake of bread leads to more weight gain in moms. So, be careful about the quantity you take.


  1. White Chocolate:

My favorite! Who would not like chocolates? This worked out very much for me and I could actually feel the difference after having the white chocolate.


  1. Milk:

Milk also helps in boosting the breast milk. So please try to have milk in any form that you like.


  1. Chickpeas:

Chickpeas need to be soaked overnight and the next morning you can add what all spices you want to and enjoy your food. This improves breast milk supply too.


  1. Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits improve the supply of breast milk, especially almonds. You can have Almonds daily as you had during your pregnancy. This helps in increasing breast milk production. Apart from this almonds also help in reducing the itching caused by stretch marks.


  1. Ghee:

You can add ghee to you meal daily to increase milk production.


  1. Sesame Seeds:

These are also said to be improving milk production.


  1. Fenugreek:

This also helps in breast milk boosting. You can add this in one your dishes daily. Easiest recipe that includes fenugreek seeds is dosa.


  1. Water:

Drink plenty of water. This helps in increasing milk supply and also keeps hydrating mommy.


  1. Oats:

If you like eating oats you can do it in breastfeeding days. Oatmeal also helps you in loosing weight apart from improving milk production.


Hope you find this informative.

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Happy Breastfeeding!!

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