Baby Milestones – 1 to 6 months

Every Parent eagerly waits to see their baby’s development, may it be his first smile, First roll over or lifting his head for the first time. Every month you get to see new developments in your baby and in this article I would like to mention the Baby Milestones – 1 to 6 months. Here goes the list.

Baby Milestones – 1 to 6 months.

Baby Milestones – The First Month:

  1. Baby recognizes his mommy’s smell from the time of birth.
  2. Baby recognizes your voice and touch.
  3. Baby’s ears are also developing, she will be able to recognize where the sound is coming from.
  4. Baby tries to lift his head slightly.

Baby Milestones – The Second Month:

  1. Baby can lift his head for a few seconds.
  2. Baby smiles for the first time.
  3. Baby starts responding by cooing.
  4. Baby can make smoother movements.
  5. Baby will be thrilled to see you around.
  6. Baby tries to imitate you by opening and closing his mouth.
  7. Baby can see things which are a few centimeters away.

Baby Milestones – Third Month:

  1. Baby starts showing interest in people around him.
  2. Baby starts to notice his hands.
  3. Baby can open and close his hands and play with his fingers.
  4. Baby will try to hold his neck for a few seconds.
  5. Baby reaches out and grasps things.

Baby Milestones – The Fourth Month:

  1. Baby will try to explore his face and objects he likes.
  2. Baby starts remembering a few things. Example: Rattle sound.
  3. Baby can recognize people whom he sees daily and can make out the difference between their voices.
  4. Baby becomes outgoing and does not feel shy.

Baby Milestones – The Fifth Month:

  1. Baby grabs his toes and tries to put them in his mouth.
  2. Baby starts rolling over from front to back.
  3. Baby starts reaching for the toys of his interest.
  4. Baby tries to concentrate for some time.
  5. Baby starts putting everything in his mouth.
  6. Baby starts asking you to pick him up.
  7. Baby shows interest in involving in things.

Baby Milestones – The Sixth Month:

  1. Baby holds his head steady.
  2. Baby can hold his neck and when he is in sitting position he can put his head in line with his body.
  3. Baby likes sitting with support.
  4. Baby starts to chuckle.
  5. Baby starts expressing himself.
  6. Baby tries to initiate interaction.

Hope you find this informative. Let us know through comments if we have missed any milestones in the first 6 months.

Happy Parenting!!

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