Home Remedies for Cough and Cold in Babies.

Home Remedies for cough and cold in babies. This season we see a lot of babies suffering from cough and cold. Before using any medication most parents would like to check if any of the home remedies work for their babies to get rid of cough and cold. I still remember how I felt when […]

Spots and Rashes in Babies.

A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, especially newborn’s skin. As they are more delicate their skin is more prone to dryness and irritation. So, a mommy needs to take special care of her newborn baby’s skin. Let us discuss about the spots and rashes in babies in this article. Did you ever realize […]

Foods which are not safe for Babies.

As a mommy you would wish to feed different varieties of foods to your baby. But do know that there are a few foods which are not safe for babies? Yes, there are certain foods that are harmful (may cause allergies and health issues) for babies and need to be avoided in the initial stages […]

Why do Babies Cry & How to soothe them.

Crying is quite normal in babies.  That is the only way in which your baby communicates with you. But do we know why they are actually crying. Babies cry differently for different reasons. In this article let us know the different reasons for their crying. Hunger: Hunger is one of the most obvious reasons for […]

Travelling with Infants.

Travelling and visiting new places is fun for most of us out there. But did you ever travel with an infant? There are certain things to be considered while travelling with your baby. You need to pack extra stuff with you to enjoy your trip. Our first vacation with our baby was to Singapore. He […]

Top baby lotion brands in India.

Baby’s skin is the most sensitive and delicate thing ever. So you need to take proper care of it by selecting the best lotion to keep your baby’s skin moistured and smooth all the time. Below are the top brands that we often hear when it comes to baby care. 1.   Chicco: I have mentioned […]

How long should I Breastfeed my baby.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by most new moms, including me. I knew breastfeeding is good and beneficial for both mom and baby, but I was not sure as to how long it has to be done. So, I have gone through a few books, read some related articles online and […]

Useful Baby Gear Products

As a new mommy I was very much confused looking at the huge range of baby gear products in the market. I was not sure what products are actually useful to my new born. I know many new moms face this situation. So this blog is for them to know how useful these products are. […]