Tips for safe Holi with Kids

Holi is the festival of colors and of course a fun filled feast. I hope your holi preparations are on the go to make it more fun and special, but make sure you follow a few safety measures if you have kids in your house. Here are a few tips for safe holi with kids. […]

How to Encourage Good Behaviour in Toddlers

Kids from the age 1 to 3 years are called toddlers, at this age it is very important to help your child understand what good behaviour is. Encouraging good behaviour in your toddler will help build their confidence. This an be done in different ways and here are a few. 1. Appreciate: It is important […]

Expressing Breast Milk

Most of us know the importance of Breast Milk and prefer breastfeeding our babies, but does that mean only a mom should feed her baby? No!! If you are making enough breast milk, anyone else at home can feed your baby. How? You can do it by expressing breast milk into a bottle. If you […]

Time to take a Break. It’s New Year time!!

It’s New Year time. What are you all up to? Are you Planning for something big this New Year with the new addition of the family? I’m sure some of you would feel like taking a break and enjoy the New Year Eve like the previous years. Don’t think it’s abnormal. It’s not just you […]

Importance and Benefits of Breast Milk.

We hear a lot about Breastfeeding and Breast Milk, but do we actually know the importance and benefits of Breast Milk? Breast Milk is made exclusively for the baby and is produced in a manner to suit the baby’s requirements. It satisfies baby’s needs in all the aspects. It is always the first food that we […]

How I felt about my sleepless nights

My lil Prince has finally arrived!! My family was so happy and excited about my son’s arrival and was literally waiting to welcome him home. I had heard so much about sleepless nights but I never expected it to be as tough as it was to me. I remember keeping alarm for every two hours […]

How I weaned my baby from Breastfeeding.

Weaning babies completely from breastfeeding is not a simple task. You will have to keep yourself calm and cool in this process. As the babies are used to breast milk from the time of their birth, they would not leave it so easily. You should be ready for lots and lots of cries in this […]

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public.

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public. Should a mommy stay home all the time fearing breastfeeding in public? No, you have many ways to enjoy yourself even during the days of breastfeeding. You don’t have to confine yourself to home those days. I agree most of the mommies are not comfortable nursing their babies in public […]

Travelling with Infants.

Travelling and visiting new places is fun for most of us out there. But did you ever travel with an infant? There are certain things to be considered while travelling with your baby. You need to pack extra stuff with you to enjoy your trip. Our first vacation with our baby was to Singapore. He […]