Do’s and Don’ts when Working during Pregnancy.

When I was celebrating Sankranthi with my family and friends, I happened to meet one of my friends who is a working Pregnant. She is pregnant with her first baby and was sharing her experiences with us. She said, “it is a different experience to work during pregnant”. All the ladies in the get together […]

How to Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy.

Blood Sugar is the concentration of Glucose in the Blood. Diabetes is the most frequently used word for Blood Sugar. If the Blood Sugar level is high during pregnancy, it is called Gestational Diabetes. About 2% to 10% of women develop Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy. If you have a family history of diabetes you are […]

Healthy Diet for Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a women’s life. It is a period where you can put on weight and nobody comments on it. Isn’t that cool?? But does that mean we can eat how much ever we want to? No, more than the amount of intake, the food that we take is more important. […]

C-Section Stories.

From the time we get to know that we are carrying we hear a lot of tips from elders on how to have a Normal Delivery. Despite listening to the pain that one undergoes in normal delivery, we prefer going for it. But is Normal Delivery possible in all cases? “No” is the answer. 1 […]

Tips for delivering a fair baby.

Most moms want to deliver a fair baby. But does that depend on the diet we take during pregnancy? It is very clear that diet is not the only factor for the baby’s fairness. Genes is the most important thing that counts. But if you are someone who believe that diet improves your baby’s complexion, […]