Do’s and Don’ts when Working during Pregnancy.

When I was celebrating Sankranthi with my family and friends, I happened to meet one of my friends who is a working Pregnant. She is pregnant with her first baby and was sharing her experiences with us. She said, “it is a different experience to work during pregnant”. All the ladies in the get together gave her several advises and safety measures that should be taken in office during pregnancy. It is when I have decided to make an article on Do’s and Don’ts when working during Pregnancy.

Every mommy-to-be is different and every pregnancy is different. It is always a challenge to manage both work and pregnancy. Most of you will have a supportive environment when you announce your little one’s arrival in your office. So, it is essential to make some adjustments to your work life. Always remember to have a happy and stress free pregnancy.

Do’s when working during pregnancy:

  1. Listen to your Body:

As I said, Every Pregnancy and every Mommy-to-be is different. It is important to listen to your body and work to an extent it supports you. You need to realize that it is not the time to work for medals. Keep yourself happy and don’t overload yourself with work. Try to work at your pace with comfort levels.

  1. Talk to other working mommies:

If you are someone who fears that your colleagues at work may think that you are not working properly or you are not serious about your work, it is better to talk to other working women with children. They will help you manage things and share their experiences which may be helpful and motivating you.

  1. Keep yourself active:

It is essential to keep yourself active during pregnancy (even at work). Being active helps your circulation. Though you have a hectic day at work, you need to exercise/yoga/walk daily. If you have enough time, join a good prenatal yoga classes after talking to your doctor.

  1. Maintain timings:

At work, try to maintain timing when you are a pregnant. You need not work over time to achieve your targets. Talk to your lead or manager about your work and ask them to assign stress free/ easy work to you.

  1. Take Breaks:

Try to take breaks frequently and avoid working continuously. Be sure you stretch and walk around at regular intervals. Keep your eyes closed and feet up for a few minutes, it gives relief and helps you recharge yourself.

  1. Drink Plenty of water:

It is important to keep yourself hydrated when you are carrying. If you are particular about the water you drink, bring it from your home. You may also have fresh fruit juices without sugar to be safe from gestational diabetes. As mentioned in Diet for Pregnancy, please avoid caffeine.

  1. Frequent snacking:

It is obvious that you feel like eating certain things during pregnancy. Carry the foods that you like to your work place and have them at regular intervals. Frequent snacking helps you being active and fresh, so take the required quantity to office which lasts for the whole day.

  1. Manage Travel time:

Traffic these days is something that needs to be kept in mind. Travelling to and from work can be exhausting when you are carrying, especially in the traffic. So try to travel when there is less traffic/ in the less busy hours. You may also go for work from home for a couple of days in a week, if your manager permits.

  1. Clothing:

Always remember to wear clothes that you are more comfortable in. Don’t try to follow someone else’s style. Try to create your own style but make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear. You get to see a lot of maternity clothes in the market. Pick something that suits you the best.

  1. Pregnancy Checkups:

Though you are busy all the day, never forget or skip your prenatal checkups. It is important to know your baby’s growth and your health details all through your pregnancy. Keep a reminder or ask your family members to remind about the checkups in case you are really busy.

Don’ts when working during Pregnancy:

  1. Don’t push yourself:

It is exciting to listen to the stories of colleagues (working women with kids). They will definitely give you ideas on how to manage between work and pregnancy, but don’t push yourself in going to office because the other pregnant woman is fine doing the same work. Always listen to your body and work accordingly.

  1. Don’t take stress:

As mentioned earlier, talk to your lead or manager to assign simple/ stress free work to you. Don’t compare yourself with others in your office because you are different from them at present. Not just at work, even at home you need to be peaceful and manage your things.

  1. Don’t wear heels:

It is not advisable to wear heels in pregnancy. Always wear flats when you are going out. It is safe for both you and your baby.

  1. Don’t wear tight underwear:

You need to wear comfortable underwear that give you good support. Avoid tight bras and panties throughout your pregnancy. Good blood circulation is important during pregnancy.

Hope you find this informative. Let us know if you know any other precautions to take when working during Pregnancy.

Happy Pregnancy!!




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