Expressing Breast Milk

Most of us know the importance of Breast Milk and prefer breastfeeding our babies, but does that mean only a mom should feed her baby? No!! If you are making enough breast milk, anyone else at home can feed your baby. How? You can do it by expressing breast milk into a bottle. If you have an important work outside and you know that you may not be able to feed to your baby, you can express your milk into a bottle and feed the little one as and when he is hungry. In fact expressing milk helps boosting Breast Milk supply.

There are two ways of expressing milk:

  1. By Hand.
  2. With Breast pump (A wide variety of breast pumps are available in the market starting from manual to electric pumps).

Whichever method you choose to express milk, the below must the followed.

  1. You need to wash your hands and nails properly before expressing.
  2. To stimulate the flow of milk, apply a warm cloth to your breasts before you pump.
  3. Make sure you use a well cleaned container or bottle to express milk.
  4. Store the expressed milk in a fridge which works continuously up to 24 hours.

Expressing Breast milk by hand:

As mentioned above when you want to express milk by hand, you need to wash your hands and nails thoroughly. Then, place a warm cloth on your breast to stimulate the flow of the milk. Now, with your fingers under your breast and thumbs above, slowly squeeze the area around areola till the milk flows. Remember not to squeeze the nipple as it doesn’t really help you express milk.

Though it takes time to express milk by hand, it is the cheapest option.

Expressing Breast Milk with Manual Breast Pump:

Manual Breast pump is equipment used to express breast milk. It is always easier to use a pump than expressing milk by hand. You need to place the suction cut over your breast and squeeze the handle to extract breast milk. It may take around 15 minutes to 45 minutes to extract milk from both the breasts based on the amount of milk you make. You may have to change breasts when the milk flow slows down. It is always better to ask your doctor and read the instruction manual carefully before using a pump.

Expressing Breast Milk with Electric Breast Pump:

Electronic Breast Pump is a much easier way for expressing milk. You just have to place the suction cup over your breast and switch on the machine; it pumps and deposits the milk in a bottle which is attached. It is always better to ask your doctor and read the instruction manual carefully before using a pump.

Whenever you are using a Breast Pump, make sure you pump each breast twice alternatively. If you are using two Breast Pumps at a time you should give 30 seconds to 1 minute break when the milk flow slows down and start pumping again.

Hope you find this informative.

Happy Breastfeeding!!

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