Foods which are not safe for Babies.

As a mommy you would wish to feed different varieties of foods to your baby. But do know that there are a few foods which are not safe for babies? Yes, there are certain foods that are harmful (may cause allergies and health issues) for babies and need to be avoided in the initial stages of their lives.

Foods to be avoided in the First 6 months:

Breast Milk is the best thing that can be given to your baby. It is always suggested to breastfeed your little one exclusively for the first 6 months. You should not feed anything else but Breast Milk (Formula Feed is mommy has less Breast Milk) in the initial 6 months of their life. So avoid any other food except for mommy’s feed.

Foods to be avoided from 6 months to 12 months:

Once the baby crosses 6 months you can introduce solids along with Breast Milk. As I said earlier, you need to be careful while choosing food for your baby. The foods that need to be avoided in these 6 months are:

  1. Cow’s Milk:

Cow’s Milk has high proteins which are hard for babies to digest. Apart from this, it is also said that babies are less prone to allergies if the intake of animal milk is less. So, it is better to avoid Cow’s milk till the baby turns one year old.


  1. Honey:

The Digestive system of babies under one year is sensitive and immature. Honey contains spores that can grow and cause Infant Botulism. A baby’s gastrointestinal tract can’t prevent the growth of these spores unlike adults. So, please avoid Honey till one year.

Infant Botulism is a disease caused by bacteria called Clostridium Botulism. It grows inside a baby’s gastrointestinal tract.


  1. Sticky Foods:

Foods that are sticky in nature should not be given to babies. There is possibility that they swallow them and it causes baby to choke. Eg: Gums, Popcorn.gum

  1. Raw Vegetables:

Vegetables are good for babies, but raw vegetables which are hard and difficult for babies to bite or chew should not be given. Vegetables must be cooked until they become soft and easier for babies to eat. Eg: Raw Carrot.



Foods to avoid up to 4 years:

  1. Hard Foods:

It is not suggested to give Hard foods to babies and toddlers because they find it difficult to chew with grinding motion until they turn four years old.

  1. Peanut and Nuts:

However smooth they are, Peanuts and nuts should not be given till the baby turns two years old, as there are chances of getting allergies by consuming them. Whole Peanuts should not be given till they turn seven as it may cause inhalation issues.


Hope you find this informative. If we have missed any foods that are not safe for babies, please let us know through comments.

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Happy Parenting.

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