How I felt about my sleepless nights

My lil Prince has finally arrived!! My family was so happy and excited about my son’s arrival and was literally waiting to welcome him home. I had heard so much about sleepless nights but I never expected it to be as tough as it was to me. I remember keeping alarm for every two hours to nurse my baby. Lemme tell you, it was such a pain to wake up so often.

Every single thing was new to me, starting from holding the baby to putting him to sleep, so I had to be doubly cautious in the nights while feeding him. There was an added bonus to me apart from this, the Sore Nipples. You can imagine how horrible it could have been. I thought it was time to do something to overcome sleepless nights.

The first thing I did was to kick my hubby out and let my mommy in :p. Trust me, It works. As my husband was also new to parenting both of us had enough in the initial days, it is when I have decided to let my mom in and hubby out. I will not tell you that it works completely because it is you who has to breastfeed your baby, so you have to wake up. It is just a help from an experienced person to handle babies.

The next best thing is to sleep when your baby sleeps. My son would not sleep for more than one hour at a stretch, but those shorts naps had made me feel better.

In the later stage, when my son turned 4 months old, I started feeding him only when he used to cry. Late night cries had irritated me in the early days but as a mother I have to understand his hunger. Since then I have stopped using cradle and started putting him to sleep next to me. This helped me so much. I didn’t have to get out of my bed, pick him up and feed him. I happily started breastfeeding him in the bed.

Since then, I have never faced any problem with the sleepless nights. This is my journey with those horrible sleepless nights. I hope you share your stories too.

But being a mommy is worth every sleepless night, now I realize this.

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Happy Parenting.

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