How to Encourage Good Behaviour in Toddlers

Kids from the age 1 to 3 years are called toddlers, at this age it is very important to help your child understand what good behaviour is. Encouraging good behaviour in your toddler will help build their confidence. This an be done in different ways and here are a few.

1. Appreciate:

It is important to praise and appreciate your child whenever he behaves well. Notice when he does something good, tell him how happy you are and praise him for his actions. Make sure he understands why he has been appreciated for. Lots of appreciation will make him fell good and happy and encourages him to behave well again. At the same time don’t expect too much from your child, remember, he is still young.

2. Ignore:

You should also learn to ignore his bad behaviour sometimes. If you get to notice that you child is doing something that he is not supposed to do, ignore and move on. Kids always try to gain attention, if you respond to each and every thing there is a possibility that he will learn to gain your attention doing bad things.

3. Divert him:

We see our toddlers throwing tantrums sometime or the other, in such a situation you should be able to divert them by saying something else. For example,when my 32 months old son refuses to put on the shirt I chose while going out, I try diverting him by telling him a story he likes and slowly put on the shirt.

4. Help and give credit:

Whenever you help your child do his things like, building a castle with blocks or solving a jigsaw puzzle, try to be diplomatic and give the credit to him so that he thinks he has done them by himself.

5. Let them decide:

Whenever possible try to give your child the freedom to choose and make him feel he has control over his things. Make sure you don’t take a firm stand if the situation is not important. For example, at this age they might not be wanting to wear the clothes that we pick up for them, so let them choose the clothes they want to wear, it doesn’t matter if he picks the clothes he wants to wear. Trust me, such things make difference.

6. Allow them to select:

When you go to a toy store and your child picks up a toy he likes, appreciate his selection and buy it for them. If you think it does not go for his age make sure he understands that while you deal gently.

7. Know his trigger points:

You should recognize your child’s trigger point and prevent them when you can.

8. Avoid shouting:

Try to avoid shouting or scolding your child or others in his presence. It is common that children learn from adults and take them as example.

9. Reward system:

Reward system is a best thing you could follow. Whenever your child does good things or shows good behaviour make sure you reward him. Reward need not be in the form of chocolates or sweets, your attention, kisses and hugs are also a huge reward for them.

10.DON’T say ‘NO’:

It is important to use positive words with your child to get things done from him. It is obvious that they test your patience but still you need to be calm and encourage him with good and positive words. If you say ‘NO’ for what all he does, he will start throwing more tantrums and make your day worse.

Try following the above tips and do let me know the difference they make through comments.

Happy Parenting!!

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  1. Very nicely articulated.. i am a toddler mom and it becomes so difficult to ignore ..but i guess i need to imbibe that to make him a good boy

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