How to know if your Breast Milk is sufficient for your Baby.

This is one of the questions that bothered me much in my initial days of breastfeeding. I used to breastfeed my son for every 2 hours but I was not sure if my feed was sufficient to him. So, how to know if your Breast milk is sufficient for your Baby? I have searched online, read a few books and verified with my doctor. This is what they say.

  1. Weight gain in Babies.

If your baby is showing good progress in gaining weight, then you need not worry about his feed. He is getting good breast milk supply from his mommy.

Don’t worry if you see weight loss in your baby in the initial 10-15 days after birth. It is common that babies loose 7% to 10% of their birth weight at that time. You can see weight gain in your baby after these 10-15 days. Please look at the below chart below for reference.


The above chart shows average weight of babies. Low birth weight babies will eventually catch up weight in a year or two. So it’s just for reference and you need not to be worried if your baby is not in accordance with table.

  1. Heaviness in breasts.

If you don’t breastfeed your baby for more than 2 or 3 hours initially, then you will feel heaviness in your breasts. It means you are making enough milk for your baby.

  1. Baby is Swallowing.

If you observe your baby keenly while breastfeeding him, he makes two actions.

  • Sucking
  • Swallowing

If your baby is just sucking and not swallowing, it means your baby is not drinking milk. If your baby is swallowing, it means the baby is having his feed and you are making enough milk. How to know if your baby is swallowing? Simple, Just look at his throat, if there is a movement you can presume that your baby is swallowing.

  1. Baby is active.

If the baby is full and happy about his feed, he will be active. If your baby is active and attaining his milestones in all categories, you can assume that your breast milk is sufficient for baby.

  1. Baby wets Diapers.

If your baby wets 6 to 8 Disposable diapers or 8-10 cloth diapers, you should be happy that you are making good amount of milk for your little one.

  1. Baby’s abdomen.

Babies have very little capacity. So, immediately after feeding we can notice their epigastric region (upper 1/3 of abdomen i.e.; in middle) coming forward. If you observe this, then you should be happy that your baby’s tummy is full.

  1. Baby’s skin.

Baby’s skin is the mirror of hydration level. If it is dry, you should know that he is not fed well. Whole of water requirement in new born babies comes from mother’s milk. So, if your baby’s skin is hydrated and not dry, it means your milk is sufficient for your little one.

If we have missed any other ways to know, let us know through comments.

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Happy Breastfeeding.


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