The NEW Fruit Juice Guidelines for Babies.

What do you think are the easiest foods that could be fed to our babies when we go out? Ummm, Breast Milk/ Formula feed, Banana, cerelac (anything of this kind), Fruit juices are a few. This article is for all those mommies who consider fruit juices to be safe for their babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has come up with the NEW fruit juice guidelines for babies which say a BIG NO to fruit juices for Infants.

No doubt kids love juices, but according to the new guidelines, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has advised a limitation on fruit juices for children of all ages. The AAP has split the limitation of fruit juice intake based on different age groups.

From Birth to 1 year:

According to WHO and UNICEF Breast Milk or Formula Feed is the only thing that must be fed to babies till 6 months of age, that means exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. After 6 months we introduce solids or outside food to the babies.
According to AAP, doctors say, parents can introduce fruits, but not in the form of juices. Instead, we could give them fruits that have been mashed or pureed.
“We couldn’t really see any reason why juice was still part of the potential recommendation for 6- to 12-month-old kids. We recommend breastfeeding or formula in that age group, and there really isn’t any need or beneficial role for juice,” said Dr. Steven A. Abrams, chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas.

From 1 to 4 years of age:

The recommendations say, Toddlers need 1 cup of fruit daily and up to 4 ounces/ 120 ml of this comes from 100% fruit juice. 4 ounces of juice just makes half a cup of juice, which is a very small quantity. Instead, we could give them a fruit as a whole and let them eat.

Whenever you give juices to your kids make sure you give them 100% fruit juices (with no added preservatives.) The AAP also recommends not to use sipper cups to give juices to kids. Instead, give it to them in a small glass or open top cups. Also remember, sipping on them all the day can lead to cavities.

“Juice should not be sipped throughout the day or used as a means to calm an upset child,” the AAP guidelines state.

From 4 to 6 years of age:

For kids of this age, juice intake should not exceed 4 to 6 ounces/ 120 to 180 ml a day.
School going kids might love juices for it’s taste. But contents like soda in juices, can cause energy imbalance, doctors say.
Also doctors say, Too much juice can lead to either “Failure of Thrive” or “Obesity” in kids.

Failure to Thrive kids:

In this case, kids drink a lot of juice and reduce the intake of food with nutritional values and end up getting less calories than required.

Obese Kids:

In this case, kids may be taking 100% fruit juices but in more quantity than required, which leads to getting extra calories and not burning them.

From 7 to 18 years of age:

Children in this bracket need to take 2 to 2 and half cups of fruits a day and limit fruit juice to 1 cup. In other words children from 7 to 18 years can take 8 ounces/ 240 ml of fruit juice in a day.

In which every age group it is, additional intake of juices might lead to cavities. Parents, please make sure you are aware of the fruit juice quantity kids take.

Happy Parenting!!

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