What is Normal Temperature in Babies.

Unlike adults and children, babies are sensitive in all aspects. They do not have the capacity to control things like us. Same is the case with the Body Temperature. They can’t tell us they are warm/ hot, they can’t ask us to remove their clothes if they are hot. In this article, let us know what is normal temperature in babies and how to reduce it.

I remember how I felt when my son suffered from fever for the very first time. He was fine till evening, but suddenly his body turned hot in the night. His temperature was nearly 100°F. The younger the baby, the sooner we need to talk to the doctor. Fortunately one of my friends is a Paediatrician and I could call her late in the night to discuss about it. This is what she said.

Normal Body Temperature:

For a baby, normal temperature is between 97.7 to 98.6°F or 36.5 to 37°C. If the temperature is above 98.6°F or 37°C, then it is fever. If your baby is irritable there is a possibility that he/she has a fever. He/ She may also sweat on the back of the neck if they have fever. Using thermometer is the always the best way to know the baby’s body temperature.

  • When checking baby’s temperature from mouth it should be around 97.7 to 98.6°F to be normal.
  • When checking baby’s temperature from armpit you need to minus 1°F i.e., if your baby’s temperature is 100°F from armpit, the actual temperature is 100-1°F = 99°F.

Ways to feel/know temperature:

  • Most of us generally check the forehead to know if the body is hot.
  • You can also observe the area around the baby’s mouth/ cheeks, if it appears to be pale compared to the other days we can presume that the baby has fever.
  • You can measure the temperature from mouth or armpit with thermometer.

These days there are different types of thermometers for checking the body temperature. You may choose any one of the below for knowing your baby’s temperature.

  1. Mercury Thermometer:

This is one of the oldest methods of checking temperature. You need to clean this thermometer well before use. Check the mercury level before using it; make sure it is at its starting position. Use can take the temperature from mouth or armpit using this thermometer. It is a breakable thermometer, so be careful while using for babies.

  1. Digital Thermometer:

A Digital Thermometer gives the body temperature accurately. This can be used to check the temperature both from mouth and armpit. For babies most preferable way to take temperature is from armpit.

Mother checking baby’s temperature
  1. Ear Sensor:

An Ear Sensor is also a digital thermometer and accurate. This can be used when the baby/ child stays at a position without moving. But the measurement needs to be taken thrice to make sure the temperature is accurate. Another thing to remember is, always you need to check the temperature from the same ear (either left or right).

  1. Liquid Crystal Strip:

A Liquid Crystal Strip needs to be placed on the baby’s forehead for 30 seconds to know his/her body temperature. This strip is heat sensitive and gives the temperature when held on the forehead. Though it is easy to check, I don’t feel this gives accurate result. There is always a temperature difference when I check with another type of thermometer.

How to Reduce Fever:

  • Consult a doctor and use the prescribed medication. Never use self medication in your baby’s case. My doctor asked me not to give any medication if the baby’s temperature id below 101°F.
  • Sponge his head and body with lukewarm water.
  • Give him plenty of fluids to drink and check his temperature in half an hour.
  • Monitor his temperature every two or three hours until you are sure it is dropping without any medication.

Hope you find this informative. Let us know if you have used any other type of Thermometers to measure your baby’s body temperature or if you have used any other ways to reduce body temperature in babies.

Happy Parenting!!

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