Do’s and Don’ts when Working during Pregnancy.

When I was celebrating Sankranthi with my family and friends, I happened to meet one of my friends who is a working Pregnant. She is pregnant with her first baby and was sharing her experiences with us. She said, “it is a different experience to work during pregnant”. All the ladies in the get together […]

Nursery Rhymes revised.

Nursery Rhymes revised. When you have a baby/kid in your home, your phone will definitely have an app for Nursery Rhymes. I’m sure most of you have by hearted those rhymes by now. Apart from teaching our kids these rhymes, we also use them as a weapon to gain their attention. Agree with me? Did […]

Rice Kheer recipe for babies and Kids

I’m Happy to introduce recipes through MommyzBaby. The First recipe that I would like to introduce is one of my son’s favorite dishes, “Rice Kheer”. This is one of the easiest and fastest recipes that can be prepared for babies and kids. I’m using cow milk in this recipe so, I would suggest trying this for […]

What is Normal Temperature in Babies.

Unlike adults and children, babies are sensitive in all aspects. They do not have the capacity to control things like us. Same is the case with the Body Temperature. They can’t tell us they are warm/ hot, they can’t ask us to remove their clothes if they are hot. In this article, let us know […]

How to Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy.

Blood Sugar is the concentration of Glucose in the Blood. Diabetes is the most frequently used word for Blood Sugar. If the Blood Sugar level is high during pregnancy, it is called Gestational Diabetes. About 2% to 10% of women develop Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy. If you have a family history of diabetes you are […]

Time to take a Break. It’s New Year time!!

It’s New Year time. What are you all up to? Are you Planning for something big this New Year with the new addition of the family? I’m sure some of you would feel like taking a break and enjoy the New Year Eve like the previous years. Don’t think it’s abnormal. It’s not just you […]

Importance and Benefits of Breast Milk.

We hear a lot about Breastfeeding and Breast Milk, but do we actually know the importance and benefits of Breast Milk? Breast Milk is made exclusively for the baby and is produced in a manner to suit the baby’s requirements. It satisfies baby’s needs in all the aspects. It is always the first food that we […]

Top 9 Indian Baby clothing sites.

Top 9 Indian Baby Clothing sites. Any mommy would shop more for her baby than herself. Agree? Automatically, the interest shifts towards buying what all possible for them. In addition to this the online market has also become so vast, particularly clothing. To put it in a sentence, Baby shopping has become very easy these […]

Home Remedies for Cough and Cold in Babies.

Home Remedies for cough and cold in babies. This season we see a lot of babies suffering from cough and cold. Before using any medication most parents would like to check if any of the home remedies work for their babies to get rid of cough and cold. I still remember how I felt when […]

Spots and Rashes in Babies.

A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, especially newborn’s skin. As they are more delicate their skin is more prone to dryness and irritation. So, a mommy needs to take special care of her newborn baby’s skin. Let us discuss about the spots and rashes in babies in this article. Did you ever realize […]