Foods which are not safe for Babies.

As a mommy you would wish to feed different varieties of foods to your baby. But do know that there are a few foods which are not safe for babies? Yes, there are certain foods that are harmful (may cause allergies and health issues) for babies and need to be avoided in the initial stages […]

Why do Babies Cry & How to soothe them.

Crying is quite normal in babies.  That is the only way in which your baby communicates with you. But do we know why they are actually crying. Babies cry differently for different reasons. In this article let us know the different reasons for their crying. Hunger: Hunger is one of the most obvious reasons for […]

How I felt about my sleepless nights

My lil Prince has finally arrived!! My family was so happy and excited about my son’s arrival and was literally waiting to welcome him home. I had heard so much about sleepless nights but I never expected it to be as tough as it was to me. I remember keeping alarm for every two hours […]

Healthy Diet for Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a women’s life. It is a period where you can put on weight and nobody comments on it. Isn’t that cool?? But does that mean we can eat how much ever we want to? No, more than the amount of intake, the food that we take is more important. […]

How I weaned my baby from Breastfeeding.

Weaning babies completely from breastfeeding is not a simple task. You will have to keep yourself calm and cool in this process. As the babies are used to breast milk from the time of their birth, they would not leave it so easily. You should be ready for lots and lots of cries in this […]

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public.

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public. Should a mommy stay home all the time fearing breastfeeding in public? No, you have many ways to enjoy yourself even during the days of breastfeeding. You don’t have to confine yourself to home those days. I agree most of the mommies are not comfortable nursing their babies in public […]

Travelling with Infants.

Travelling and visiting new places is fun for most of us out there. But did you ever travel with an infant? There are certain things to be considered while travelling with your baby. You need to pack extra stuff with you to enjoy your trip. Our first vacation with our baby was to Singapore. He […]

Top baby lotion brands in India.

Baby’s skin is the most sensitive and delicate thing ever. So you need to take proper care of it by selecting the best lotion to keep your baby’s skin moistured and smooth all the time. Below are the top brands that we often hear when it comes to baby care. 1.   Chicco: I have mentioned […]

C-Section Stories.

From the time we get to know that we are carrying we hear a lot of tips from elders on how to have a Normal Delivery. Despite listening to the pain that one undergoes in normal delivery, we prefer going for it. But is Normal Delivery possible in all cases? “No” is the answer. 1 […]