Sore Nipples

This article is about a nightmare I had gone through for more than 2 months post delivery. Something that had made me cry and made me fear breastfeed my baby. It is about the sore nipples that I’m talking about. Call it the beauty of nature or the magic of god even the just born […]

How long should I Breastfeed my baby.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by most new moms, including me. I knew breastfeeding is good and beneficial for both mom and baby, but I was not sure as to how long it has to be done. So, I have gone through a few books, read some related articles online and […]

12 Foods that boost breast milk supply.

Elders keep telling new moms that certain foods can improve the production of breast milk. I would not say this is a myth as to a certain extent this is also true. Before going to the list of foods, always remember that breastfeeding your baby increases the production of breast milk naturally. The more the […]

Tips for delivering a fair baby.

Most moms want to deliver a fair baby. But does that depend on the diet we take during pregnancy? It is very clear that diet is not the only factor for the baby’s fairness. Genes is the most important thing that counts. But if you are someone who believe that diet improves your baby’s complexion, […]

Useful Baby Gear Products

As a new mommy I was very much confused looking at the huge range of baby gear products in the market. I was not sure what products are actually useful to my new born. I know many new moms face this situation. So this blog is for them to know how useful these products are. […]