Spots and Rashes in Babies.

A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, especially newborn’s skin. As they are more delicate their skin is more prone to dryness and irritation. So, a mommy needs to take special care of her newborn baby’s skin. Let us discuss about the spots and rashes in babies in this article.

Did you ever realize that your baby’s complexion reduces in the initial days of his birth? This may happen because your baby’s pores do not work efficiently in his early days and this develops spots on his skin. Don’t worry; your baby will get back to his birth complexion in a couple of months. Remember, your Baby’s complexion depends on your genes.

Most babies develop spots and rashes in the initial days of their birth. I have gone through a few books and asked my doctor before writing this article.

  1. Baby Acne: Sometimes we see pimples on baby’s face that is less than a month old. You need not worry about it and need not take any treatment for that, it will vanish with time. If you see pimples in babies who are older than three months it is recommended to consult your doctor.                   acne
  2. Heat Rash: If your baby’s skin becomes too warm then it may cause red spots on his face and upper body. You need to check the room temperature and make sure you don’t do anything which makes him feel hot.heat-rash
  3. Milia: These are small white spots mostly seen on baby’s nose and chin. They won’t hurt or bother your baby much; as they are caused due to immature sweat glands. They will disappear in time and doesn’t need any treatment.milia
  4. Urticaria: This is type of rash that appears in different parts of baby’s body. You can see red spots with raised white centers on the baby’s body. This also does not require any treatment; it will disappear in a few weeks. But sometimes you can find little severe spots, so it is better to visit doctor if you see this kind of rash on your baby’s body.urticaria
  5. Peeling: You can see the baby’s skin peeling on his palms, soles or ankles. This is quite normal in newborn babies and you need not worry about it, it will vanish in a few days.peeling
  6. Cradle Cap: We can see this in babies between 2 weeks to 1 year of age. Babies may develop flakes of skin on his scalp which may spread to the eyebrows and area behind the ears. So, remember to massage your baby daily with good massage oil through which you can keep your baby away from this. If your baby has cradle cap, apply oil overnight and wash his hair in the morning. This helps clearing the flakes most of the time.cradle-cap
  7. Nappy Rash: This is one of the most frequently heard terms. Nappy Rash occurs when your baby’s skin is irritated by the chemicals in urine. Please change your baby’s diaper frequently to avoid nappy Rash. Even if your baby has a rash due to this, you need not worry. Apply good Nappy Rash cream on the affected area for a couple of days. You can see the rash reducing.nappy-rash
  8. Dry Skin: Make sure you moisturize your baby’s skin daily. Apply good Baby Lotion after bath. Also adjust the temperature according to your baby’s body. In winters you ought to be even more careful.dry-skin

Hope you find this informative.

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