Tips for delivering a fair baby.

Most moms want to deliver a fair baby. But does that depend on the diet we take during pregnancy?

It is very clear that diet is not the only factor for the baby’s fairness. Genes is the most important thing that counts. But if you are someone who believe that diet improves your baby’s complexion, then you can add the below to your diet. I’m sure any pregnant woman would like to include these to her diet. Who would not wish to have a fair baby ??!

  1. Sweet Lime Juice:

I used to take mosambi juice or Sweet Lime juice every single day during my pregnancy. My granny insisted me to take so for a fair baby. As a result my son is fairer than me and my husband ;p


  1. Saffron Milk:

This is also my granny’s tip. It is believed that consumption of saffron milk improves baby’s complexion in the womb. But my granny also warned me that over consumption might lead to dark complexion in babies. So please be careful.


  1. Oranges:

My friend used to take oranges either in the form of juice or as a fruit during her pregnancy. She used to suggest me to take oranges for baby’s fair skin. Her daughter is also fairer than her and her husband. Even if this doesn’t help improving the complexion, the fiber and Vitamin C is good for you and your baby’s growth.


  1. Milk:

They say, if whites are consumed during pregnancy then you deliver a fair baby. Milk comes under the whites list. If you believe in this myth you can happily take it. Milk is rich in calcium and is good for both the mommy and the baby.


  1. Coconut:

It is said that the white kernel of the coconut helps in getting fair skin for babies. After all it falls under the whites’ category.


  1. Eggs:

Another item that falls under whites. The egg white is also said to contribute to fairness in babies. One of the protein rich foods which needs to be taken during pregnancy for baby’s good growth.


  1. Almonds:

Almonds are mostly recommended by doctors during pregnancy. It is said to help improve the baby’s memory power apart from improving the baby’s complexion. Make sure you eat 4-5 almonds daily during your pregnancy.



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