Tips for safe Holi with Kids

Holi is the festival of colors and of course a fun filled feast. I hope your holi preparations are on the go to make it more fun and special, but make sure you follow a few safety measures if you have kids in your house. Here are a few tips for safe holi with kids.

1. Use organic colors

Playing with colors is great fun, but choose your colors right. Synthetic colors are dangerous to use as they may contain harmful materials which cause rashes in kids and adults where as Organic colors are safe to use and easy to wash. There are chances of selling synthetic colors in the name of organic colors, so please make sure you buy certified organic colors this Holi. I used Shri Ganesha Herbal Gulal brand last year.

2. Apply oil/Lotion to your kids

Applying body lotion or oil to your kids body is definitely a good idea to protect their skin while playing with colors.
Don’t forget to oil theit hair too.

3. DON’T waste WATER

This Holi educate your child about the importance of water and try to make it dry holi or at least minimize it’s usage. If you have a garden or a lawn or a park near your house it would be the perfect place to play with water.


4. Don’t scrub your kid’s body to remove color

After playing holi don’t scrub your kid’s body if the color is not going off. In this case use natural ingredients like Besan and curd paste or cucumber juice, these are the best home remedies to get rid of the colors from their bodies.

5. Don’t leave your child alone

Make sure your child is under your supervision while playing holi as you could take immediate action in case of any emergency.

6. Dress them full

Select clothes which completely cover your child’s body (apart from their face) like full sleeve shirts and pants as this can avoid direct contact with the colors.

Hope you follow these tips and have a fun filled and a safe Holi tomorrow. Wish you all a very Happy Holi!!

Let us know your holi experience this year through comments.

Happy Parenting!!

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