Top baby lotion brands in India.

Baby’s skin is the most sensitive and delicate thing ever. So you need to take proper care of it by selecting the best lotion to keep your baby’s skin moistured and smooth all the time. Below are the top brands that we often hear when it comes to baby care.

1.   Chicco:

I have mentioned this on the top as I have been using this lotion from the birth of my son. So far I didn’t see any side effects of this lotion and it moisturizes my baby’s skin so well. It gives a pleasant fragrance and is oil free. It has almond milk in it which may be one of the reasons for making my baby’s skin so soft. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and has no parabens, no dye and no alcohol.
Another good thing is that they sell their products at reasonable prices.


  1.    Himalaya:

Himalaya is that brand which sells its products at cheaper prices compared to other brands. This is the most trustable brand of India. This baby lotion has almond milk which helps in restoring skin moisture, Olive oil that improves skin listure, Yashitmadhu and Country mallow which soothes the baby’s skin.


  1.     Pigeon:

Pigeon lotion is one among the top brands that has good range of baby products. Talking about the baby lotion, It has natural extracts of Olive, Rosehip, Jojoba, Chamomile and Vitamin E which moisturizes and soothes baby’s delicate skin, protecting it against dryness and irritation.


  1.     Mee mee:

Mee Mee baby lotion has the non greasy formulation which gently protects and moisturizes your baby’s delicate skin. It contains chamomile extract thus making it the natural moisturizing and soothing agent.


  1.     Mother care:

The Mothercare lotion has mild fragrance and has soothing chamomile properties and natural extracts of olive oil.


  1.     Aveeno:

Aveeno products are little higher at price. This baby lotion is fragrance free, non oily and has got natural oat formula in it. It does not have alcohol content in it and therefore it would not clog pores.


  1.     Sebamed:

Sebamend products are available at higher prices. It keeps the skin soft and well moisturised in all weather conditions. And It is free from skin alkali, dioxin and paraben.


  1.     Johnson’s:

This is that one brand that we have been listening to from our childhood. But I have heard that these days Johnson’s products made in India are not safe for babies (leading to cancer), that is the reason why I have mentioned it in the last.

Before writing this article I have taken opinions and reviews from a few moms in my circle.

The BEST baby lotion according to me is Chicco Baby Lotion and I strongly recommend this for babies.

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