Useful Baby Gear Products

As a new mommy I was very much confused looking at the huge range of baby gear products in the market. I was not sure what products are actually useful to my new born. I know many new moms face this situation. So this blog is for them to know how useful these products are.

You can find the list of a few baby gear products below.

  1. Baby Carriers
  2. Carry Cots
  3. Bouncers
  4. Rockers
  5. Swings
  6. Strollers
  7. Prams
  8. Car Seat
  9. Baby Walker
  10. High Chairs

Baby Carriers:

Baby Carrier is that which is worn by an adult to hold a baby. This is not useful until the baby holds his neck but later on it’s based on the parent’s capability to carry it. Even though you get baby carriers with neck support you can’t dare using it until your baby turns at least 4 months old.It is not as simple as it looks because the baby’s weight falls on the shoulders of the parent who is carrying it. This can be chosen if both the baby and the parent are comfortable with it.


Carry Cot:

Carry Cot is a portable bed for babies. It is useful to carry the baby from the time of birth (which has neck support) and is easier to carry it anywhere and everywhere. But most of them use it from their baby’s 3rd month. I never used it after my son crossed 5 months.



Bouncer is a small chair that bounces and can be used as a rocker too. This is also useful from the time of birth, but most moms use it from the baby’s 2nd month. This can also be carried anywhere and is easier to put babies to sleep. This is also not useful after 8-9 months. My son used it until he was able to sit by himself i.e.; till his 8th month.


Bouncer, Rocker and Swing all these three serve the same purpose.


Stroller is a push chair. This is much used when you go out for shopping or when you go for a walk in a park. This can also be used from the baby’s 3rd month and can be used up to 7-8 months. Once the baby starts sitting by himself, he would not like to rest much on the stroller.


Pram and Stroller serve the same purpose.

Car Seat:

Car Seat is something which we do not use much in the India. I would definitely not recommend this as my son did not use it a single day.


Baby Walkers:

Baby Walkers are those which give support and help the babies in walking. This can be used from the baby’s 7th month. You can use this till the baby is able to walk properly on his own.


High Chairs:

High chairs are used at meal times for the baby. It is provided with a tray and a chair. In simple words it is a child’s Dining table. This can be used after 1 year when the baby starts trying to eat food by himself.


From the above list, I recommend Bouncer, Walker, Stroller for the babies.

Before writing this article I have taken reviews and opinions on the products from a few other mommies in my circle.

Hope you find this informative.

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