Are you using the right cookware for cooking baby’s food?

We all agree with the fact that homemade foods are “the Best” for babies when compared to commercial foods. When preparing homemade food, we take proper care and choose healthy food for our babies. But did you ever think about the utensils/cookware that we use for cooking baby food at home? Yes!! There are certain materials/ types of cookwares which should avoided for cooking baby food. I have come to know about these when I was taking to one of my friends and felt it worth sharing.

Cookwares which are not safe for cooking Baby’s food.

Copper bottom containers:

Copper bottom containers are a big No for cooking baby food. They destroy Vitamin C present in the food. Also folic acid in the food is said to be removed when cooked in copper pots.

Aluminium containers:

Aluminium containers are also not ideal for cooking baby food. This is because when acidic food cooked in aluminium utensils may dissolve small proportions of aluminium, which will be absorbed by the food, which is definitely not safe for babies.

Stainless steel containers:

I believe most of us use stainless steel containers to cook food.  Unfortunately, this is also considered unsafe for cooking baby food when the container has a dent.

Non-stick pans:

You should try avoiding cooking baby’s food in non-stick pans because the non-stick coating may go off and stick to the food. By heating a non-stick pan at a very high temperature it is said to be releasing toxic fumes.

So, this is the list of cookwares which are not ideal for cooking baby food. The immediate question I asked her was “You have covered almost all kinds of cookware we use at home. What is it that we have to use for cooking baby’s food???!!”

She smiled and said “Don’t you worry!! Of course there are cookwares which are good for cooking baby’s food.”

Cookwares which are considered safe for cooking baby’s food.

Iron Cookware:

Iron cookware is good for cooking baby’s food and is also beneficial. When acidic foods are cooked in the iron containers then are said to be pulling iron from the container, which is useful for babies.

Anodized aluminium containers:

Instead of aluminium containers, you can use anodized aluminium cookware because it locks aluminium in the process of anodizing.

Ceramic cookware:

Ceramic cookware is also considered to be safe for cooking baby’s food. Certain glazed ceramic cookware should be avoided as there are chances of having cadmium (Cadmium is a toxic substance.) in these containers.

Enameled cookware:

It is safe to use Enameled cookware for cooking baby food, but avoid using older enameled containers as they may contain cadmium in it.

Glass cookware:

Glass cookware is also safe. But we hardly use it for cooking.

Please choose the right cookware for preparing your baby’s food. Let us know what you think about this article.

Happy Parenting!!

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