Why do Babies Cry & How to soothe them.

Crying is quite normal in babies.  That is the only way in which your baby communicates with you. But do we know why they are actually crying. Babies cry differently for different reasons. In this article let us know the different reasons for their crying.


Hunger is one of the most obvious reasons for baby’s cry, especially in the first few months after their birth. When the baby is hunger he starts crying slowly and increases the volume. If you observe this kind of cry in babies, feed your baby first till he is full.

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As said earlier, crying is the only way in which your baby communicates. How to know if your baby is crying with pain? If a baby has started crying with a scream followed by silence and short gasps, it means your baby is in pain. Sometimes you can see it in their faces too. So, speak to your doctor if your little one is crying in pain and take proper medication if needed.


Whenever the baby is upset, the baby cries in a different manner. If you don’t respond to them immediately, they will increase their volume. You can make out the difference between this cry and the cry when they are hungry. When your baby is upset, just hold him in your arms, this gives him comfort.

Diaper change:

If you don’t keep changing your baby’s diaper frequently at regular intervals your baby’s may cry. If their diaper is full and wet they can easily feel the discomfort and start crying, especially when the baby has diaper rash. Diaper change will make them feel comfortable and happy.


Babies also cry when it is too hot or too cold for them. You can know the baby’s body temperature by touching his tummy. If the tummy is hot you need to remove the blanket that you have covered him with. If his tummy is cold cover him with a blanket. You need to understand their comfort level and set appropriate temperature for them.


Sometimes babies cry if the atmosphere is noisy and suffocating. Even if there are people all around, bright lights, less air circulation and loud sneezes babies may feel uncomfortable. So, keep your baby cosy and comfortable by maintaining good atmosphere.


Babies cry when they find difficulty in falling asleep. Based on your routine sing some lullaby songs and soothe the baby.

Change in Place:

Sometimes babies cry if they get bored sleeping at a place for a longer time. Even change of room may comfort them.

How to Soothe Babies?

You can soothe your babies by following these tips.

  1. Pick your little one and walk around.
  2. Keep him close to you to ensure your presence.
  3. Use a Bouncer or rocker to make him feel comfortable or you can just rock him in your arms. You may also read the article Useful Baby Gear Products.
  4. Sing Lullaby songs.
  5. Burping him. If there is any gas problem in babies it might help.
  6. Give him a warm bath.
  7. Try carrying him in different positions. May be on your Shoulder or hold him in your arms etc.
  8. Take him out in fresh air.
  9. Interact with your baby.
  10. Massage your little one.

Hope you find this informative. Let us know through comments if you know any other ways to soothe babies.

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Happy Parenting.

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